Free Business Data Scan

Understand how up-to-date your client and prospect data is compared to our master database. You will receive a report which outlays how many companies we’ve identified and out of those companies, which fields need updating. Additional data points are included at the end of the report to give you the choice to add new information points such as turnover/employee size and further industry classification, in order to enhance your understanding of each company/contact.

Non Discolsure Agreements provide peace of mind when sharing data. We will send you our data specific NDA via "Signeasy" for stage 1.

We can receive your data in many ways, we find that excel is the most popular option. Once the NDA is signed, we will send across a secure share link via "Onedrive" to receive your client/prospect data.

Once we've received your data, it will take 48 hours for us to generate a report. We will send this over via email. Attached will be our thoughts around how you can refresh and improve your data with costs associated.