Data is fascinating. When utilised effectively data can do so much for an organisation. It allows for an understanding of existing clients, personalised marketing campaigns, identifying likely to spend prospects, the list is endless. At Metric Central we love data. We realise that not everyone shares our passion for data analysis which is why we make it our business to enable you to use data in the most beneficial way for your organisation, in the most hassle free way possible.

It is our mission to develop technology that will help you to take your business to the next level. Without further ado we are excited to introduce Metric Maps.

Working with many waste and recycling clients we have come to realise that the desire to increase market share is often met with a scattergun approach to campaigns, sales and route planning. We began to develop a solution for a specific client from which Metric Maps was born.

The Issue

Route planning for waste companies is not an easy task. Existing route planning software is effective to plan when you have a list of customers but there is no way of knowing if there are hot prospects en route.

The problem is by no means exclusive to waste companies, appropriate, streamlined targeting. Unbeknownst to many organisations there are untapped opportunities right under their noses. It is identifying these prospects that is where the issue arises.

For example: A waste collection company has a planned route of commercial waste collections. The truck has capacity for more collections. It makes sense to target any businesses that are prospects on the existing route thus maximising the efficiency. Historically sales people would manually research local companies, their requirements and identify if they would be a viable prospect. Although effective this is a time consuming process.

The Solution = Metric Maps

Tasked with coming up with a solution Metric Maps was developed. It is a hybrid of route planning and specific targeting meaning that it can be utilised by any business that wishes to grow their market share. The technology can be tailored to your requirements. Our high quality data is updated frequently ensuring that the prospects highlighted are current.

Metric Maps technology can be used by your team members in a variety of ways to move your business forward. Depending upon what you need to achieve you can plot customers, prospects, team members, radius markers or routes. The technology is simple to use, freeing up valuable time allowing your team to focus on the things that will drive your business, increase sales and grow your market share. Making your prospecting life easier is the key.

Read on to find out the benefits of using Metric Maps.

Birds Eye View of Customers and Prospects

Using Metric Maps gives you a birds eye view of existing and prospective opportunities geographically. The simple map view allows you to target the most likely to spend prospects in a given area. This can be localised to a branch, a route, a sales person, a town, the choice is yours. No more wasted time searching for lists of companies, Metric Maps does the work for you. Each target pin on the map (red) will provide you with contact information ready for your sales team to call or your marketing team to target with their next campaign.

Personalise Local Communication 

The locality of prospects provided by Metric Maps enables you to personalise your campaigns ensuring relevance and increased chances of conversion. Different areas have different requirements, localised targeting shows your prospective customers that you understand their requirements. Avoiding a one size fits all campaign will be sure to see a better response rate opening the conversation to what you can do for them.

Personalised marketing is now expected by customers. In a survey by Evergade 92% of marketers say that both customers and prospects expect a personalised experience, this is up from 85% in 2019. Anything less is somewhat off putting.

According to Epsilon “80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences.”

Personalisation is highly dependent upon your, how it is used and the quality. Metric Maps will provide you with the most up to date prospect information so you can be certain that personalisation is current.

Route Plotting to Maximise Efficiency and ROI 

Route planning, in particular for waste collections, requires thought and accuracy. The capacity of the truck needs to be taken into account in addition to the fastest, most efficient route. It isn’t as simple as getting from A to B, timing, capacity, access must also be taken into account. Metric Maps ensures that the route is the best possible accounting for all of the variables.

The unique feature of Metric Maps is the addition of the data analysis that goes on behind the scenes, identifying new prospects on a given route. All of this visualised on a simple map.

Route efficiency leads to higher productivity and in turn increased return on your investment.

Increase Market Share Regionally and Nationally 

If your goal for 2021 is to increase your market share then a strategic approach is essential. Metric Maps is the perfect tool to achieve a bigger piece of the pie. An organisation with a number of branches may wish to focus on a geographic area within a radius of each branch. Likewise a UK wide company may need to plan on a national level.

No matter how ambitious the increase in market share is, planning is imperative. In the competitive world that we live, the likelihood is that many prospects are already engaged with a competitor for similar services. In order to gain some of their share of the market your approach will need to set you apart. The better your targeting, data and personalisation the higher the chances of success.

See Progress Across New Business Campaigns 

With all of the efforts that your sales and marketing team go to in order to gain new business it is important to be able to see the progress. Metric Maps is the perfect way to show progress and highlight areas that may require a different approach. The easy to use technology allows you to share a visual with your teams. Hardworking employees will be reassured to see that their efforts are contributing to the greater company goal. Seeing progress will increase morale and in turn improve productivity.

If you are ready to enjoy the many benefits of Metric Maps and running a test to see exactly what this new technology can do for you get in touch.