Business Data

Business Data

Having a total awareness of the market, your competitors and audience is crucial. With a full market view of business data, you have the intelligence, analysis and detail to make critical business decisions that can drive your organisation forward to achieve your objectives and smash your targets. Key Features

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    Full audit trail for trust and integrity
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    Relevant data insight, tailored to your business and industry
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    Over 40 data fields available
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    Comprehensive data to find untapped markets
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    UK and International data sources for a complete market view
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Insight, Marketing and Lead Generation

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Data Universe

Metric Central serves as an information centre, offering comprehensive data and detailed analytics. Our service delves deep into the market to provide you with unique, specific and relevant data. With comprehensive business data giving you a full market view, your business can create actionable objectives and sound planning to secure the future of the organisation.

Offering both UK and International data from trusted data sources, we compile up to date and expertly tailored information that you can fully integrate into your business to optimise your business performance and achieve your objectives.

Analyzing Data
Market Insight

Full Market View

With a full market view, you can achieve a high return on investment with your sales and marketing strategies thanks to your insider knowledge. From industry profiles, data files, case studies and reports, Metric Central can provide you with all of the information that you need to develop a direct and targeted approach.

The relevant and accurate data not only saves time and delivers value but is also fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We ensure all of the information that we provide complies with the relevant legislation and comes with a full audit trail.  Furthermore, much of our data comes with the original data source, such as complete telephone recordings.

Why use full market view business data?

  • Drive sales and hone sales tactics
  • Improve your marketing methods
  • Align business goals with market insight
  • Fuel insight activities for business optimisation
  • Save time, cost and effort through a targeted approach

While full market view business data is ideal for fuelling internal activities and strategy planning, Metric Central is also on hand to conduct a range of other data-driven services. From data cleansing and appending to propensity modelling and single customer view creation, Metric Central can go beyond data delivery and team up with your business to support your sales and marketing plans.
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Insight, Marketing and Lead Generation

Let us create a bespoke solution for you