Key Features:

Industry View

Gain a clear understand of how many clients you have per  industry versus the potential available.

Complete Coverage

Using all the available data sources in the market, we're able to remove businesses that are not trading to provide a true market share analysis.

Fuelling Growth

Undercover growth opportunities on an industry and regional basis to target effectively and to capture market share.

Digestible Reporting Style

All of our reports are easy to read and are packed full of industry insights tailored to your specific business objectives.

Accurate Industries

Classify companies on what they actually trade as rather than solely using their registered industry classification is one of our strongest data points to date.

Marketable Friendly

New data can be supplied once existing/new industry pockets have been identified to support new business growth.

Using our UK and International business database, we provide a detailed analysis of what your market share is compared to your competitors, giving you valuable insight into your business.

You can use this information to make growth decisions for your business, increasing your market share even further in the future. Take the guesswork out of determining your market share with our analysis service.

We're compatible with most CRM'S, ERP'S and everything in between to export your client information for analysis.

What's your market share?

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