Metric Maps – Geographical Business Insight

Using a birds eye view to increase business growth.

Simplify your market view through Metric Maps by plotting clients and potential prospects across the UK. Through a birds eye view, Metric Maps enables businesses to plot sales territories per sales representative and to uncover potential business growth areas supported by our mega database, which comprises of all the main UK/international sources available. Delivery/pick-up route markers enables users to pinpoint clients and prospects to discover new business opportunities within new and existing routes.

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    Simple, user-friendly business plotting software
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    Customer/Prospect/Route Insight
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    Full visibility of all the businesses available for prospecting/insight.
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    Unlimited users and map views.
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    Onsite support and map customisation.
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Business Growth Insight and Discovery

Let us create a bespoke solution for you

Market Coverage Simplicity

At Metric Central we have encountered many businesses with team members that focus on select geographical areas but do not have visibility of all the businesses available to prospect vs customers already obtained.

Without a full view of the businesses available vs how many customers you already have, how can a business truly make an informed strategy decision let alone set their growth team for success.

Using our business database and your CRM data, we can showcase all the available opportunities within a geographical area. If your business would benefit from targeting prospects based on an existing or new pickup/delivery route to maximise efficiency then Metric Maps can support this.

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Market Insight

Why choose our “Metric Map” Software?

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Super responsive on all devices
  • Portable for field users
  • Simple pricing
  • Zero coding required for users
  • Intelligent insights through market penetration analysis

Achieve maximum results

Get your growth strategy right the first time with full market coverage of your market penetration whilst uncovering hidden opportunities within territories and delivery/pickup routes. With our in-house consultancy, you will not be just given a piece of software, but you will have your data manually checked and uploaded, and will be given advice around existing and new market growth opportunities. At Metric Central, we offer a hand held approach to achieve maximum market growth success, hence why we undertake onsite consultancy. Keeping your market strategy relevant and up to date, Metric Maps will help you to understand your market landscape so that you can grow your business through the understanding of your market coverage.

Find out more about Metric Maps today with a free demo and consultation.

Analyzing Data results

Business Growth Insight and Discovery

Let us create a bespoke solution for you