Want to visualise your market coverage and to understand where your customers and prospects are located?

With Metric Maps, you can do just that. We found that our customers wanted to visualise the full market available, including the coverage, but didn’t have a tool to do it. Hence why we built Metric Maps. Initially the tool can plot all of your customers, prospects and routes on one (or several) maps, which can then be used to support geographical campaigns in order to strategically grow existing market share from local through to regional and national operations. Keep scrolling to see this tool in action.

Key Features:

Plot your customers

Easily upload your customers onto the map to visualise your market coverage. Maximise your teams schedule by identifying customers that reside close to existing appointments in order to minimise overhead expenses.

Understand where your prospects are located

Ensure that prospects are visible to personalise sales and marketing methods by company location, by utilising various geographical promotional methods. Prioritise and personalise to grow your market share using Metric Maps.

Plot your delivery and pickup routes

Ensure that your pickup and delivery routes are transparent across your organisation and maximise existing resource by prioritising sales and marketing campaigns to win business near to your routes.

You Metric Map could look like this:

Need more prospect data? We have got you covered!

With over 4.5 million actively trading companies in the UK in our database, which have a senior decision maker contact, we can supply profiled prospects relevant to your target audience.

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