Key Features:

Classify your client base on potential spend

Let us work out which accounts you should be spending time on.

Reduce wasted time on inactive accounts

Focus your work force with new targets based on previous account spending history.

Predict future spending

Receive future predicts by account to ensure you're not missing any opportunities.

Remove Inactive Potential Accounts

De prioritise accounts that don't have the potential to grow/spend based on a stringent criteria.

Potential Lookalikes

Once you've prioritised your existing client base, we can start looking for lookalikes based on potential spend.

Dedicated Account Manager

All campaigns are supported by a dedicated educated professional who will be able to support your business growth requirements.

Grow your customer relationships and upsell to existing businesses. Easily.

Enhance your business growth and outperform your competitors with our Propensity Modelling Analysis. At Metric Central, our data experts are on hand to transform days into useful and unique insights so that your business has a distinctive capability and future strategy. Propel your business forward by getting ahead of the emerging trends and leverage your client list into future growth for your business.

We're compatible with most CRM'S, ERP'S and everything in between to export your client information for analysis.

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