Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools were born out of a need to streamline disparate sales systems for recording customer contact, engagement and leads. They have come a long way and with hundreds of software solutions available, businesses can tailor their CRM to meet their specific requirements. It’s one thing having all singing all dancing CRM software but quite another making the most of your CRM and seeing an improvement on ROI. Here at Metric Central, we know how effective well managed data can be in your mission to propel your business forward.

Here we share 6 simple tips to ensure that you are making the most of your CRM:

Get Buy-in at All Levels

It is essential that all users and upper management buy-in to maintaining your CRM. A lack of buy-in can sadly turn a powerful tool into a mere list of data. It is important that the strategic benefits of a CRM are understood at the highest level so that management and users throughout the business ensure that data is up to date, accurate and thorough.

Keep it Updated

It is pointless implementing CRM software, uploading your existing data and leaving it at that. To reach its full potential, your CRM needs to be fed lots of information constantly. Data evolves rapidly if it is out of date it is most probably inaccurate. All changes, preferred contact method, contact details, job roles etc must all be updated immediately to ensure that sales and marketing are dealing with correct information.  When your CRM tool works its analytical magical on incorrect data the output will inevitably be inaccurate.

Customise, Personalise and Scale

With an array of fancy features available it can be tempting to add all of the bells and whistles but do you actually need it? A simple easy to use solution is far more effective and more likely to be adopted than something that is seen as a chore. Make sure that you understand all users and what they require from CRM. Most CRM software is easily customisable, choose only the features that offer solutions to your needs. However, be mindful that as your business grows so your CRM will too, ensure that your package is scalable.


Take advantage of the automation features in CRM software designed to eliminate time spent on repetitive tasks. For example, when a new lead is added the system can be programmed to send out follow up emails and interactions. The benefits of automation are huge, not only does it save time but also ensures consistency in messaging and continual engagement with clients throughout the sales process.

Use Purchasing History for Upselling Opportunities

Here is where your CRM really starts to earn its keep. By analysing your client’s purchasing history you can design offers or recommendations just for them. This can be programmed via most CRM apps. Selling to existing customers is much easier (and cost-effective) than acquiring new ones. By pre-empting their needs you are making their life easier and encouraging repeat business.

Learn From Analytics

Now we are getting to the fun stuff. The thing that will really set your CRM apart, analytics!

By analysing your data you can identify, predict and react to customer behaviour and market trends. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and drive your business forward. By truly analysing you can see what works, what doesn’t and why. The most important thing, of course, is that you take these findings and use them, the most successful companies are proactive rather than reactive, analysing your CRM data will set you firmly in the proactive camp.


There you have it 6 tips that will take your CRM to the next level.