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UK’s Top B2B Marketing Data Provider

At Metric Central, our mission is to help your business succeed with smart data insights. Based in Warwick, in the heart of the Midlands, our team of data experts focus on Business to Business (B2B) marketing data to give brands a full market insight. From collating, refining and evaluating data, we can then offer a range of targeted marketing approaches to help you gain new business and a positive ROI.

Our focus on data means we offer a range of data-driven marketing services;

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    Business data with a full market view
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    Data with GDPR compliance
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    Email software and automation
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    CRM data cleansing
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    Direct marketing through telemarketing, mail and email
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    Insights and analysis
Analyzing Market
Insight and Analysis

Insights and Analysis

As well as supplying data to provide a full market view, we dig deeper to find the insights, comparisons and analysis to make our data work harder for your business.
Full Market View Data

GDPR Compliance

We check and verify all our data sources to ensure complete peace of mind for the data quality we provide.
Data Cleansing

Prospect and marketing

Whether it is through our software or employing our services directly for your marketing campaigns, we are here to help.

Why Metric Central?

Our extensive experience in the data industry means that we know the data process inside out and can apply our knowledge to help our B2B clients achieve their sales and marketing objectives. By working closely with many data companies, we have a unique approach of being able to offer a full market insight both for the UK and internationally thanks to our exclusive partnership with leading data suppliers.

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    Dedicated account manager
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    Full compliance
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    Entire market view
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    Insights and expertise
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    Fair pricing
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    Convenient, fast service.

Answers to the Most Popular Questions

Yes, we only use the highest quality data sources by working with the leading data providers. Each data record comes complete with a full audit trail and entire history for your peace of mind. With our high-quality data, you can be sure of both compliance and accuracy.

As well as providing high-quality data services, we take our data one step further with a range of propensity services. We offer three channels of marketing, including telemarketing, email and direct marketing to find the most effective solutions for your business and audience.

At Metric Central, we partner up with many of the leading data providers to deliver a full market view. With both UK and International data, we focus on making sure all the data we provide is high-quality, fully verified and ensures compliance with all relevant regulations.

You can purchase our solutions directly through our online shop. However, if you’d like a more bespoke solution, please get in touch.

With the right business data, you have the knowledge to determine where your untapped markets are and how best to focus on the audience that delivers a high return on investment. At Metric Central, we can also prospect on your behalf using our targeted data.

You will receive a dedicated account and project manager that will work hard to determine your objectives and how business data can help you to achieve your goals. We also offer a range of software solutions to help automate your marketing processes and save you time and money.

Insight, Marketing and Lead Generation

Let us create a bespoke solution for you